Terms of Service

Please Read!

1: By Purchasing a Membership or Signing Up you argee to SinisterGen Terms and Services

2: Disrespecting Owners or Admins will = Banned ( 3 Warnings will be given )
3: ChargeBacking is is an 100% no you will lose your account + banned from SinisterGen

4: Spamming the SinisterLive Chat you will be banned from SinisterLive ( 3 Warnnings Given Before Banned )

5: The Accounts you generate sinistergen is not responsible for your actions
6: Once you have Pressed Generate on an Generator option you can not get a refund
7: If your caught not following this terms and services your account will get banned asap!
8: If you get caught trying to use Mod Header you will be banned from Sinister and IP will be Saved in our database.
9: You can not share your account with anyone but yourself if you are caught account sharing you will be banned!!
10: Trying to Sell your Sinister Account Details is an 100% Banned !!
11: Sinister Generator has 100% Rights towards Source + Everything connected with SinisterGen
12: Getting smart with SinisterLive Admins or disrespecting them = Banned+No Refund (3Warnings)
13: We may shut down this website temporarily or permanently at any time with or without notice. no refunds given
14: We have the right to ban users for any reason.
15: You will not attempt to manipulate the security of this website in anyway.
16: Sinister Gen reserves the right to change these terms at any time with or without notice..